The History Of Atlantis
Lost in legend since the dawn of civilization, this wonderfully mysterious place has proved to be one of the most enigmatic, most searched for, and sadly, most ridiculed as an idea in modern times.

Plato is generally regarded as being the first to reference Atlantis is classical literature, although his description of Atlantis appears somewhat simplistic, many regard his account as being based on historical accounts available at the time

The King Of Atlantis
Did Atllantis origionaly have a king? Is there, among the decsendants of the survivors, a current claimant to the throne?

Of Magic And Mystery
Believed by many to be the birthplace of civilization, mere mention of this legendary place can still hold us in a state of wonder and awe.

A place that was ancient, even in times of our most remote history, Atlantis has held people in awe and wonder for millennia.

Since the times of the Phoneticians and The sea people's explorations beyond the 'Pillars of Hercules', accounts arrived in Egypt and Greece, of a more ancient and more mighty civilization. That place was called Atlantis.

Plato was so intrigued with the idea, that when he designed a hypothetical perfect place, he named it after the the place of which so many were in awe - Atlantis. Though how much did Plato just invent, and how much did he know? His design of the city seems somewhat bizarre and without reason - a series of concentric island rings. Why would anyone put forth such a strange idea, unless he had heard somewhere that this was indeed the shape of Atlantis.

The Ancient Prophecies
Prophesied to arise again at the beginning of a new age, the Atlantean kingdom, like the Mayans, had their prophesies of the end of times.

Unlike the Mayans, the Atlantean prophesies appeared to come to fruition when Atlantis, ravaged by earthquakes and volcanoes, sank beneath the waves.

While the catastrophe predicted eventually came to pass, other Atlantean prophesies concern us today, as they are expected to happen soon!